Suzette Roy

Spiritual Messenger

Suzette's reading was accurate and articulate concerning complex family relationships.  She clarified issues that remained after the passing of several people who were of great importance in my life.  She gave me a new, positive direction with resources for encouraging my personal energy and growth.  Suzette spoke of energy issues with my house that indicated native people were still active and interested in the property.  She provided resources to clear the negative energy and to balance the residual energy in the house.   Suzette is able to provide an insightful view of complicated life issues and I look forward to future readings with her.

-Lennie C.


Suzette created a comfortable environment during multiple readings that supplied me with the answers to my most pressing questions... Through her words she was able to demonstrate a complex family relationship where even in death two relatives presented the same interaction with each other as in life.  She saved me hundreds of dollars in car repairs by conveying a message from my grandfather.  Suzette provided me with the confirmation and encouragement that I needed to take the next steps in my life.  I will be contacting Suzette again for future readings.

-Sarah C.

Suzette helped me in ways I could never have predicted. No Spirits of past family members came through. Instead she honed in on an aspect of my life I took for granted and she shed light into the corners and illuminated for me.    

A New Perspective. I took this information to Heart and my life is

much improved because of the shift that happened with Suzette's help.

-Jen A.


Suzette is one of the most tapped in, spiritual, real psychics I have the pleasure of knowing. She offers insights and wisdom from her guides and angels and allows a spirit to come through in whatever form a spirit chooses to. She is sensitive, caring, and comforting. Suzette has been given a very special gift to hear, feel, and see into the other realms. She has the ability to connect with loved ones as well as the ability to see opportunities in your future. If you have the pleasure of receiving a reading from Suzette, not only will you come away uplifted and connected to spirit, you will want to go back for more!! You will come away an enlightened human being! I highly recommend Suzette without hesitation and with joy!!

-Victoria K.


Suzette is a ray of shining light! Her gift blew me away on multiple levels, from the immediate connection to my father through an item she knew nothing about, to understanding my work environment, my children and my family, to helping me shift my energy. I came away feeling connected to those that have passed and open to the adventures before me, knowing I have support from the other side. Suzette is a beautiful being inside and out...a true treasure to this world and the next!

-Carol M.


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