Suzette Roy

Spiritual Messenger

I began to experience metaphysical episodes at a young age. As i matured into my teens, I chose to suppress my abilities because I lacked the understanding of the unknown, and to be honest it frightened me.  When it became apparent that I could no longer ignore messages from this alternate plane of existence that some refer to as the "spirit world," I knew that I had to educate myself, evolve, and learn to develop my abilities. 


I had a glimpse of my gift all through out my childhood, but it wasn't until my fathers passing that I truly experienced a life changing event. I was visiting my fathers grave site when I received a message from a family friend who had recently passed. She was looking to speak to her husband. i was able to deliver that message, which allowed me to help a family friend, and validate my gift. 


After conducting my first reading I could see the comfort and peace these messages bestowed upon my clients, along with the insight it provided for me as well. discovering and developing this ability, support from the universe, and the fulfillment of helping those that seek knowledge from the spirit world has been both extremely fulfilling and has afforded me much personal growth as a mother, a daughter, and friend.


I am honored to be able to share my abilities with those who are looking to connect with spirits through my genuine and heartfelt readings.  









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